How FAMSF Increased Membership Sales 22% in 3 Months with MESA

Ecommerce Automation Case Study

MESA is the only eCommerce automation platform exclusive to Shopify & Shopify Plus. The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF) uses MESA to integrate their membership database with their Shopify Plus storefront. Using our no-code workflow builder, they took advantage of our premade templates to customize their automations, saving time on repetitive tasks. Watch your business grow with MESA!


The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF), comprised of the de Young and Legion of Honor, are two incredible, world-renowned art museums in San Francisco. As part of their mission, FAMSF operates shops with a distinguished selection of books, posters, prints, and home decor items for purchase both on and offline.


FAMSF needed to integrate their Shopify storefront with the separate product, order, and membership databases so their members could purchase exclusive items and use their discount when shopping online.

Bradley Platz, Assistant Director of eCommerce, Retail Operations Department, turned to FAMSF’s Merchant Success Manager at Shopify Plus to get a recommendation for a tool that could run a custom integration between the two systems. Their representative recommended MESA right away and Platz reached out immediately.

“Our goal was to serve our members and customers, and in order to serve them well, we had to know who they were. We looked at a lot of options for how to achieve that goal.”
– Bradley Platz, Assistant Director of eCommerce, Retail Operations Department


MESA’s customer success team help connect FAMSF’s membership database and Shopify Plus store. Due to its flexible nature, all systems were able to be integrated quickly and reliably.

Results using MESA

The integration has been running seamlessly with excellent results. Within three months of launching the integration on MESA, membership sales have increased 22% and FAMSF’s online store now drives an average of $10,000/month in membership renewals!

“MESA helped us set up our integration in a smart way that didn’t diminish any of the features within Shopify or potentially restrict us from utilizing new features that came out down the road.”
– Bradley Plat, Assistant Director of eCommerce, Retail Operations Department

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