New App Integration: Boost Customer Engagement With Yotpo Loyalty

Yotpo Loyalty is an ecommerce platform that allows you to drive more repeat purchases and boost customer loyalty through engaging rewards programs. 

Now that Yotpo Loyalty integrates with MESA, you can leverage the power of automation to get the most out of your rewards programs. Automate an email to let customers know their loyalty points are about to expire or inform customers that they’re close to reaching their Yotpo Loyalty tier, incentivizing them to buy more or share more referrals for points.

MESA can perform various actions within Yotpo Loyalty, such as obtaining a list of all email addresses who redeemed a discount. Instead of manually providing the reward to each one, you can also use automation workflows to ensure each customer gets the discount they deserve with no extra work.

Get Started With Yotpo Loyalty and MESA

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