Plant a tree with every Shopify order

The world’s forests have lost 20% of their natural coverage since the 1900s. It is also estimated that 18 million acres of forest are lost each year, and nearly half of the Earth’s forests have already been cleared.

Participate in reforestation

One tree may not seem like a lot, but an average tree can absorb 50 pounds of CO2 annually for 30 years. Planting these trees across the world is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of decreasing CO2 in the atmosphere and a major step in tackling the climate crisis. They also provide habitats for animals that desperately need them and purify the air we breathe while regulating local temperatures.

Reforestation is one of the most accessible ways that people can contribute to solving the challenges of climate change. Let’s invest in our planet to improve the world for ourselves and future generations.

Get more involved in reforestation

Why not participate in a bold initiative that will significantly impact the environment?

Donate $1 of your sales to plant a new tree for every product you sell on your Shopify store. The entire process can be automated, making it that much easier to help reforest the planet.

Benefits of tree-based restoration
Benefits of tree-based restoration

You can choose from a wide range of reforestation organizations where your donation is paid directly. This is all done without the money being handled by any third party; that way, you can ensure that every donation will be used to have trees planted.

Start planting more trees with Digital Humani and MESA

We’ve developed a workflow template with Digital Humani that will donate a tree every time a product over $10 on your Shopify store is purchased to get you on the right track. Each step in the workflow is 100% customizable, and you will receive a detailed report every month before any donations are made.

Just click on the template below to get started:

How your brand benefits

Not only is this a win for your business and the planet, but this type of initiative can benefit your brand in other ways. Inspire your customer base to connect with your brand on an eco-friendly level while increasing average order value. Drive brand loyalty by offering points for every purchase made that plants a tree. These are just a few examples to inspire you and more involved in reforestation.